Welcome to

So, here’s the new site.

A tad plain, isn’t it?

The reason this blog is so spartan is that I decided the right time to launch my own blog was right in the middle of video game peak season, when I have absolutely no spare time at all. I should be playing a game right now. Hear that low buzz in the background? Shh, listen… there… hear it? That’s my constant background guilt for not doing the things I feel like I should be doing.

Truth be told, launching my own blog (and my own brand, if you will) is an important job that, quite frankly, is at least three years overdue. I’ve had friends urging me for years to launch a central repository of my writing – links to my work published in other sites, news about appearances in print media, and maybe the odd original post from time to time.

That idea has evolved into the blog that you, one of the six people in the world who are interested in the things I have to say, are reading right now. I will certainly be linking to work published elsewhere, but this will also be a convenient place to publish work that simply didn’t work for other outlets. I will also publish long-form work that was edited into shorter forms for other publications.

In addition, as a special treat, I will be dumping stream-of-consciousness rants on whatever topic has me riled up today. Politics, religion, art, culture, whatever catches my fancy, all will be fair game.

Oh, as this is my site and I don’t have to adhere to others’ editorial standards, I will probably say “fuck” a lot, too. You have been warned.