The Native Garden – a poem written for Bi-Ambic Pan-Tameter at Stand Bi Us

I am a writer of fiction, not a poet, but when a poetry-reading event was announced for the recent Stand Bi Us online forumĀ  I felt inspired. The fact that it had the awesomely punny title of Bi-Ambic Pan-Tameter made it all the more alluring. I had an idea rattling around in my head that I had been thinking of writing into a song, but instead I crafted it into a poem, the first poem I’ve written in a couple of decades. I read it out loud at the event and really enjoyed the experience, so much so that I’m thinking I’d like to keep doing it.

Preamble aside, here is my poem. It’s about doing love and commitment your own way and rejecting what mainstream heteronormative society tells us love should be. Hope you like it.